Kalwall translucent façades offer the highest levels of insulation available and let diffused, glare-free daylight right into your building.


If your project needs a budget-conscious building system that admits light without shadows, glare or hotspots, then Kalwall translucent façades are the answer. The system eliminates the need for blinds and curtains or external solar control while evenly diffusing Museum-Quality Daylighting™  into the interior to create a calming and attractive ambience, even on cloudy days. And at night, the building will glow gently from the light inside.


The translucent façades help to reduce energy costs for artificial light, heating or air-conditioning making it a highly sustainable product. Kalwall is listed on the Green Spec site and contributes towards a building’s BREEAM and LEED accreditation.


Kalwall comprises a translucent structural composite sandwich panel permanently bonded to a grid core constructed of interlocked, thermally-broken aluminium I-beams.