The Original Composite Structural Sandwich Panel


The most insulating, light-diffusing translucent building material in the world.


Kalwall is a composite sandwich panel made up of four layers:


  1. An Aluminium or thermally-broken Grid Core consisting of a series of interlocking I-beams
  2. An interior shatterproof Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) face sheet formulated to meet finish, flame and smoke requirements of UK and international codes
  3. Translucent Insulation (TI) options, including Cabot’s Lumira aerogel offer exceptional thermal up to 0.05 U
  4. A coloured exterior Fibre-Reinforced Polymer FRP face sheet with a permanent glass veil erosion barrier to eliminate bloom.


Panels are held in place using Kalwall’s proprietary Clamp-tite™ aluminium fastening system, which is available in a standard or thermally-broken version with a variety of finishes.


Kalwall lightweight, shatterproof, and rapidly installed. It offers architects and project managers high-performing structural integrity. You can specify Kalwall for all or part of the walls or roof of any building or for a complete freestanding structure.


Product applications include walls, window walls, curtain walling, skylights, pre-engineered and custom skyroofs, canopies and walkways.