Kalwall Skylights

Kalwall can be delivered in a range of pre-engineered skylights, offering a choice of ways to admit glare-free lighting into a building from above, whilst creating a striking architectural feature:


Flat Skylights – budget-friendly skylights in a range of sizes.
Pyramid Skylights – pre-engineered in three standard pitches, from 4ft to 20ft wide, Kalwall Pyramids are designed for rapid installation from the outside, meaning minimal disruption to occupants.


Kalwall Skyroofs

Available in the UK only from Structura, Kalwall Skyroofs® offer a choice of low-maintenance, light-diffusing translucent roofing systems which can be flat or curved and which offer high levels of insulation:


Geo-Roofs – factory-made geo-dome skylights which are available in virtually any size from 8′ to 24′. Particularly popular for use in retail and lobby areas, they deliver diffuse daylighting that showcases merchandise with perfect colour.

Pre-engineered Skyroofs have spans of up to 24 feet and offer a highly energy-efficient, diffuse daylighting. They offer very low maintenance and are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and snow.

Bespoke Skyroofs offer a new approach to top lighting, with Kalwall roofing panels installed in glazing systems such as RAICO.


The special weather-resistant formulation means that Kalwall Skyroofs and Skylights are virtually self-cleaning.  All Kalwall roofing products are extremely strong, shatterproof and highly impact resistant. They are also inherently safe and can be walked on.