Structura’s Modern Slavery Policy


Structura UK Ltd will ensure that the following procedures are considered to prevent slavery/trafficking.


Internal Procedure – Protecting our Employees

All of our new employees are subject to pre-employment checks to confirm their identity and right to work in the UK prior to their starting work at Structura UK Ltd. Information is provided to all employees on their statutory rights including sick pay, holiday pay and any other benefits they may be entitled to by virtue of their employment.


Where recruitment agencies are used, we ensure they comply with all legal requirements. These procedures collectively help to address our on-going commitment to protect our employee’s human rights and the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour.


Engage and train staff – We have developed an ‘Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Standard’, setting out an introduction to the Act and its impact on our employees. Through our internal training and induction programmes and internal communications programmes, staff are encouraged to identify and report any potential breaches of the Standard.


We nominate a champion(s) to educate the business stakeholders at the right level and use this statement as a communication tool to raise awareness of the impact of individual decisions can have on ethical procurement.


Any employee of Structura UK Ltd has knowledge or suspects that human slavery or trafficking is taking place either in our organisation or supply chain, will be expected to report this directly to the Managing Director or another Director.


Structura UK Ltd will immediately ask for the company or individual to be removed from either the company or supply chain, on the grounds of gross misconduct, and they will be reported to the relevant authorities.


External Procedure

Structura UK Ltd Procurement’s Role – Supply Chain/Buyers, Managers, Supervisors, Surveyors, Estimators etc. (All those procuring materials/labour)


Those procuring products, materials or labour on behalf of, Structura UK Ltd must ensure as far as reasonably practicable that they know the source or origin of each product, to ensure no slavery or trafficking has been used.


We have an important role to play in sourcing in a manner that enables and rewards suppliers for good employment practices, rather than purchasing in a manner which drives the use of modern day slavery/trafficking practices.


We expect our suppliers to support and demonstrate our values, which is an essential component of our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.