Structura’s Worksafe (Refusal to Work) Policy Statement


Structura UK Limited (SUKL) acknowledges its responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act and recognises its duty of care and undertakes to maintain safe systems of work and operates a Worksafe Policy (Or Refusal to Work Policy) for its employees and subcontractors working on all their premises and sites.


Risk Assessments are carried out on all aspects of the work/tasks to be undertaken, in line with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the company’s Health and Safety Policy. Method Statements, COSHH information, toolbox talks and Health and Safety committee meetings are carried out to identify, reduce or eliminate risks as far as is reasonably practicable.


Sufficient training and monitoring is provided to ensure the competence of all employees. SUKL do not expect any employee or sub-contractor to undertake any duties unless they are competent, have been briefed on any relevant information specific to the task(s) and have suitable personal protective equipment (PPE).

We encourage all employees and sub-contractors to work safely at all times and to ensure others around them also work safely. This includes completing any inductions, compliance with site rules, specific procedures and instructions; verbal or written, wearing correct the correct and appropriate PPE/safety equipment and the correct use of tools, equipment, machinery and materials.


All SUKL employees or Sub-contractor, working on any SUKL managed project(s), has the absolute right to decline to carry out work, use machinery/tools/materials, method of work etc, if they feel it is not safe to do so, as it may put the life, health and safety of the employee, sub-contractor or others in danger. They must notify the senior person of their team, department or site, in the first instance. If the refusal is upheld by SUKL management or its agent, they will be fully supported and no penalties will be issued against the person(s) refusing to carry out the work. A report will be issued and appropriate action taken by SUKL.


Full confidentiality is afforded any person reporting an incident and will be kept informed throughout the process. Contact numbers for confidential reporting are provided on site, and are issued as part of the briefing process. Managers and staff are also encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions, which they have witnessed.