Kalwall At The Mall

Following a fire in 2019 that caused extensive damage, remedial works along with an additional retail extension are now complete at The Mall, Walthamstow. The Mall, which was redeveloped by ESA Architecture, includes a £5m full internal refurbishment designed to update the original 1980’s structure to admit more light and create a more relaxing retail experience.

After the fire in the food court, planning was granted for the works which also included a new entrance plus improvements to the building’s energy efficiency. As a result, the architects specified Structura to install a curtain wall and automatic sliding doors for the new entrance off Selborne Road as well as Kalwall® translucent cladding on the new retail extension.

The Kalwall façade is striking in its appearance, cleverly housed within the three gable end extension designed to be sympathetic with the rest of the building. Sitting within a RAICO frame, the innovative combination of glazing and Kalwall adds to the contemporary look of the building as a whole while maximising energy efficiency and allowing for as much daylight as possible to be admitted. Its ability to throw diffused daylighting deep into the interior space, without the problems of glare, hotspots and solar gain, reduces the reliance on artificial lighting. In addition, its superior insulation performance means that impressive U-values of 0.83 W/m2K down to 0.28 W/m2K can be achieved, thereby reducing the strain on expensive HVAC systems.

An added advantage of using Kalwall is that it provides line-of-sight privacy for the retail space. In addition, the diffused daylight passing through has all UV rays removed so there is no risk of damage to fabrics and other merchandise from long hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

The exterior face is colour stable and includes a UV resistant, self-cleaning surface. This means that normal rainfall helps to keep the surface free of dust and dirt while at the same time retaining the original bright colour and clean look even after weathering.

Kalwall, exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Structura UK, is a popular choice for all types of building around the world. The cladding’s inherent strength, vandal-resistant and heavy-duty impact resistance make it ideal for all types of project.