Practical Completion at Farringdon Road, London

75 Farringdon | Glazing repair LondonWe received Practical Completion for our works at Farringdon Road last month after more than 12 months on this occupied commercial site in central London.

The project began following a failed external pressing falling to the ground and with the original contractor(s) no longer solvent. As we investigated the cause of the failure, we discovered a number of safety issues for the owner extending beyond the façade line. This included inadequate insulation, improper façade fixings and brackets, poor fireproofing, short gaskets and failed glazing. The works became extensive, and it was shocking to see what others deemed as acceptable only a couple of years before us. Our completed works saw significant improvements in Air Permeability performance vs the original installation giving us confidence in the work we delivered.

Our team have worked in full collaboration with the property’s owner, tenants and Camden Council as our scope of works continued to increase as the works proceeded.

Now the scaffolding is down we’re taking a minute to appreciate all that contributed….and back to planning our return to site this year for the next phase as we look to make improvements to the site elsewhere.

Contracts Manager – Matt Taylor
Site Manager – Steve Mason