All glazing needs to be well looked after to ensure the optimum lifespan, which is why we offer a choice of planned glazing maintenance programmes. We offer a complete maintenance service for everything that involves glass including windows, doors, curtain walling, façades and atria roofs in public, commercial or large, multi-occupier residential buildings.


By having your building’s glazing checked regularly, you can rest assured that potential problems will be identified and small repairs carried out long before they become a major headache.  


Every glazing maintenance programme is tailored to take into account the age and condition of the building, the type of use and ease of access. We always put occupants first to ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out with little or no impact on the building’s users.


We are the only UK company that can fully refurbish failed Astrawall systems by replacing the original neoprene gaskets with new silicone gaskets.