Leak Detection – Mariott, Earls Court

Earls Court Marriott | Structura UK Leak DetectionMultiple rooms had been reported as encountering leaks via the air conditioning units at the Residents Inn Marriot, Earls Court, leaving visible water marks on walls and ceilings which increased whenever there was rainfall.

After an inspection underneath the external pressings and louvre panels, it was reported that insufficient weatherproofing was fitted by the original contractor.

The team thoroughly re-sealed the area and added cowling to the end of the ducts to enable rainwater to disperse effectively. The two-week contract was completed by a team of abseilers and so was an entirely external job, meaning minimal disruption to the hotel guests.


Since our visit, the client has reported a further nine rooms where the problem has become apparent. Now we have experience with resolving these issues, we are planning to return to the site to rectify it elsewhere on the property.

Contracts manager – Michael Woodcock 

Site Manager – Jamie Woodacre