Glazing Repairs at Tavolino Restaurant, London  

Structura glazing repairs Tavolino RestaurantIn the bustling area between London and Tower Bridge, you’ll find HMS Belfast docked along the riverside; it’s exactly where you’ll also find Tavolino Restaurant.

Having previously worked for other establishments such as Nero, Little Farm and Shackleton House, Hays Galleria, this is a setting we’re very familiar with.

This beautiful location complete with large glass-fronted properties boasts unparalleled views, so when a pair of 3x3m glass units were damaged, the tenants were understandably keen to rectify the issue.

The considerable 420kg panes meant this job required both the use of a glazing robot and some expert hands to guide it.  Works were scheduled overnight, enabling the restaurant to operate during their normal business hours. However, the first night provided the most traditional of Great British Summer Time challenges: heavy rainfall. As a result, the team had to patiently stop/start to keep everyone safe and the glass intact.

The glass installation process itself was also more complex than an average contract, as each glazing panel was bonded directly to the frame. This is meticulous work which is usually undertaken in our factory by a specialist, but fortunately, we have the capabilities to achieve the same results on-site when demand requires.

The team did a stellar job, finishing the process by fitting temporary stitch plates to allow the bonding to fully cure. On a recent return visit, we completed the works with mastic pointing and re-fitted the original gaskets. The results speak for themselves and are very at home in this stunning part of the city.

Contracts Manager – Ben Gallagher 
Site team – Michael Woodcock, Matt Constable, Kieron Abraham