The Circular Economy of Glass

We’ve been working in partnership with Guardian Glass and May Glass Recycling on a recent contract, which has provided an optimal opportunity to share the role we play in the sustainable glass cycle. The content of this video encapsulates how collaborating across our areas of expertise is vital in contributing to a closed-loop cycle for the life of glass within our industry.

Our skilled team extracts the redundant glass from the Grade II* listed site, keeping it intact to avoid contamination and maximise its recycling potential. The units are then collected by May Glass Recycling and transported to their recycling facility. Glazing units are deconstructed and refined to remove all impurities, and then filtered through several stages to produced high quality cullet.

The glass cullet is then transported to Guardian’s plant and further refined into batches, ready to start the process of creating new glass. Guardian’s impressive facility homes a 700m production line, where at any one time a 200m float glass ribbon is being manufactured.

By working more collaboratively, together we can reduce waste glass sent to landfill or outside of the glazing industry. Glass is infinitely recyclable, and we’re proud to contribute to a more sustainable construction industry wherever possible.