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Kalwall® is the unique translucent wall and roof system which offers the most highly insulating, diffuse
light transmitting performance available. It is frequently specified when superior performance, solar control
and increased insulation are required.

Kalwall is widely used in new buildings and, increasingly, for the refurbishment of cladding or rooflights on
older buildings. It has the ability to admit Museum-quality Daylighting™, flooding an interior with the full
visual spectrum of natural diffused daylight without glare or the harsh contrasts of light and shade. In
addition, its inherent insulation reduces a building’s energy consumption... all with minimal maintenance
and long lifecycle performance.

Kalwall can take many shapes and is specified for many different sectors including;


Pool & Leisure
Sports Halls
Call us today on 01233 501504 for advice or download one of our brochures which will provide you
with all the background information you need to make a decision to specify Kalwall.
Kalwall® and Kalcurve® are registered trademarks of Kalwall Corporation. Museum-quality Daylighting™ is a trademark of Kalwall Corporation.
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